Surely you already know that there are several ways to sell products on Amazon, so maybe you are interested in knowing how to sell on Amazon FBM, what it consists of and its advantages. In this post we answer these questions that you have not dared to ask.

What is Amazon FBM?

Fullfilment By Merchand or FBM ("seller-managed") means that the seller chooses to hold stock of the products to distribute them himself or through a third party, always different from Amazon.

Delivery times and qualities must be met, as well as responding to messages sent by customers in just 24 hours, regardless of whether the day is a working day or not. It is advisable to have an adequate warehouse to offer a quick delivery of each order to your company's customers.

Advantages of Amazon FBM

FBM has advantages to take into account for those of us who sell online through Amazon:

  • It offers a great deal of information about the buyers of the products with respect to their address and gender. We will know what type of audience is buying our product. It is a very valuable piece of information for our marketing plan, especially if we did not know it.
  • Lower logistics costs. It is not common, but your logistics costs may be lower and, consequently, you may be able to offer a more competitive price. This is the case for large companies with contracts with a transport company.
  • By making your own returns, you know where your products are failing (spoilage during shipment, manufacturing defects, etc.) and why they are falling short of your buyers' expectations. You could improve these problems to increase your sales and user satisfaction.

Why use a packaging company?

In online sales, packaging is fundamental. It is very important to have an unboxing that is a pleasant experience for customers. A nice unboxing contributes to be remembered by the customer who has purchased a product.

Having a packaging company like ours adds value to your products and, if you are an SME, will help differentiate you from your competitors.

Packaging is more than just about the physical design of the package. Packaging encompasses labeling, wrapping and protection system. It is therefore very important in the marketing plan of companies selling on the Internet.

A packaging company at your service

Let's remember the advantages of a company that packages the products we sell to our customers:

  • Offer the final consumer a beautiful unboxing experience.
  • Add added value to products and companies to stand out from the competition.
  • Brand identification and customer loyalty, which will result in higher sales.
  • Save time and avoid the stress of packaging each item.

Packaging is fundamental to the success of ecommerce. A company like ours is the ally your online business needs to succeed in selling with amazon FBM. Contact us without obligation.


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