At FBA BeeBox, we provide comprehensive solutions for all types of sellers, whether individuals or companies. We offer a wide range of services, from preparation services (FBA & E_Commerce), to high quality graphic design to enhance the image of your brands. Thanks to all our years of experience in the sector, you can count on a logistics center perfectly adapted to your needs.

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We guarantee quality security trust efficiency to all our customers

Labelled Products
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Why do we ?

Save money

We can assure to have the best prices in the current European and national market, as well as total transparency and flexibility in the invoicing of services.

All in one place

From graphic design for your private labels to storage for your merchandise, we can offer you all the solutions you are looking for in one place.

Saves time

We take care of all the processes for you, from the reception of the merchandise to the shipment to Amazon, so that you can spend all your time selling.

How do we work ?


Contact us to register for our integrated software.


Ship your goods directly from your suppliers to our warehouses.


It is inspected for damage and the inventory is updated.


Receive the necessary preparation that has been indicated to us, always following Amazon's regulations.


We ship your merchandise to be sold as soon as possible, from Amazon's logistic warehouses or wherever the customer wants.

Graphic design for Private Label Listing Photographs Branding Packaging Web Pages

At FBA BeeBox, we have a graphic design agency dedicated to helping you take your brand to the next level. Our team of highly trained professionals specializes in logo creation, photography for Amazon listings, branding and website design.

We believe that graphic design is a powerful tool to communicate your message and differentiate you from the competition. With over 7 years of experience in the industry, we have helped clients around the world achieve their branding and business goals through creative and effective designs.

Alejandro Sanchez Garcia
Alejandro Sanchez Garcia
Perfect photos and treatment of 10. Very professional people. Recommended
Bruno Mossenta
Bruno Mossenta
Very professional and quality work. If they asked me to do product photos, I would send them to them.
Sergio Ruiz Faura
Sergio Ruiz Faura
Happy with the deal and project. 💪
David Garcia
David Garcia
Very professional photos, with modifications included and excellent treatment.
Olga Davydova
Olga Davydova
I am delighted with them! Fast, efficient, correct, transparent and well priced.
Alejandro Fdez
Alejandro Fdez
Good professionals! I have worked with them twice and I am very satisfied with the results. The price is competitive and the turnaround time quite short compared to the competition. The treatment is very direct and the communication is very effective. I will definitely repeat.
ainhoa arias
ainhoa arias
The most economical price I have found on the national scene.
Jan Wullschlager
Jan Wullschlager
Whenever I need it, they are there to help me. Together with their prices, it makes my experience of using a prep center perfect.
excellent attention at the time of contacting them. we will work together very soon.

We answer your questions quickly!

We want to provide you with the best solutions for your sales. Our logistics is fast and efficient


Avenida Poligon, 18 BAJO(ED.VVV), 25200 Cervera, Lleida,Spain.

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frequent questions

Avenida Poligon, 18 BAJO(ED.VVV), 25200 Cervera, Lleida,Spain.

If your goods require a preparation service, you have 14 days free storage.

Yes, our facilities have the necessary logistics to work with pallets and containers, regardless of quantity.

No, there is no minimum number of units we require you to sell in order to use our services like other preparation centers. We look at the big picture and the long term outlook, so we will support you in your growth to develop an amazing company that ships thousands of units per month.

Yes, our services are suitable for wholesale and private label vendors. If you have specific needs that are not reflected in our online pricing, please book a free consultation so we can discuss a custom structure.

We pride ourselves on our processes and attention to detail. Each product receives a 360 degree inspection when it is registered. If there is a discrepancy in the quantity of units shipped or damage to an item, the check-in staff will take photographic evidence and send it to you via your account, so you can raise this with the retailer. With damaged stock, we offer you the option of having the product returned to the retailer, to your home or destroyed.

Thanks to our integrated software, both customers and ourselves are able to generate the shipments to Amazon, so you don't have to take care of that work if you prefer.

You can follow the progress of your orders in real time through your personal inventory tracker. Once an order has been entered, the entry date and quantity will be updated. Once an item has been shipped to Amazon, your monthly expense tracker will be updated with a full breakdown of the shipping plan.

Indeed we do. Within the Amazon Logistics order worksheet, there is a box you can fill out that specifies how many items you want to group. 

We provide long-term storage for our customers. This service will be pre-arranged with your FBA BeeBox account manager before shipments are accepted.

Whenever possible. Please note, however, that manufacturers often send damaged, fragile or unusable boxes, so we reserve the right to decide whether or not to reuse a box.

At FBA BeeBox, being open, honest and trustworthy is one of our core values and something we truly value.

Accidents can happen and if they do, we will contact you to inform you of the damage caused. Once we receive the invoice from you showing the cost of the goods, we will reimburse you for the cost of the goods.

Product shipment will not exceed 72 hours, however, our experienced teams consistently meet and exceed our KPI of 48 hours.

Our facilities are protected with full CCTV and a Grade 2 alarm and security system.

This alarm system includes:

- Shock sensors

- Motion sensors

- 24/7 arc monitoring

- Direct link to the Police

- On-call response

- NSI Gold Certification

Our clients and their actions are our priority and, as a company, we strive to always develop and evolve ways in which we can better protect their actions.

Yes, we provide a Hazmat service. 

Yes, your stock is insured by us as long as it is in our facilities.

Yes, we offer a forwarding service at very competitive rates, so send us a message and we will be able to provide you with a quote. 

Amazon has specific requirements on the type of preparation required for items shipped to its logistics centers, this will be identified to us during the shipping process. On some occasions, we may advise you that plastic bagging or bubble wrap is appropriate for a particular item. Not necessarily because Amazon requires it, but to protect the product from damage in Amazon's warehouse, we will usually contact you first, but if you need protection, we will go ahead and complete the preparation on your behalf to ensure your items reach the customer. in the best possible condition. 

We invite you to use our address in the Amazon FBA Returns Preparation Center for your returns. We will then contact you to decide whether you would like us to reship them to you, reship them to Amazon, or dispose of these items. If you choose to have them shipped to your address, we will package them in a box and provide you with the dimensions and weight of the box so that you can arrange a pickup to have them shipped to your home/business address. 

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¿Why choose our Prep Center?

A prep centre is a service that basically consists of receiving the goods from a company or self-employed person who wishes to sell their products on Amazon. This merchandise, once received, is prepared and packaged according to Amazon's regulations. Once the products are correctly prepared, they are sent to Amazon's logistics warehouses, where they will be sent to the end customers.

In short, fba Spain 's prep centres offer a service of preparation and subsequent shipment of ready goods to Amazon's warehousing logistics centres.

What are the advantages of using the services of an Amazon FBA Spain preparation centre?

There are many reasons to hire the services of a prep centre. In general, a prep centre can help freelancers and companies that sell on Amazon to progress and become more competitive in the market.

At first it may seem that the idea of hiring the services of a preparation centre is an unnecessary expense for the business. However, nothing could be further from the truth. A prep centre offers you many advantages:

Time saving

Amazon FBA has quite strict policies that must be followed when it comes to product preparation, product packaging and product storage. As a result, the work involved in properly preparing the products can often be time consuming, tedious and take up a large part of the working day.

A prep centre will do this work for you or your company, leaving you plenty of time for other essential tasks that you would otherwise leave aside or put on the back burner. The result in the long run is an investment that will pay off in the long run.

Guarantee of correct shipment to Amazon warehouses

From time to time Amazon's logistics departments change some of their rules on how to prepare, pack and receive goods. We, as a specialised prep centre, are always up to date with Amazon's updates, offering speed and agility in our services.

FBA Preparation Centres are specialists in preparing products the way Amazon wants them to be prepared, using specific, up-to-date procedures. In this way, Amazon's logistics warehouses receive, store and ship them to end customers without any inconvenience.

If you have any questions about how we keep informed about Amazon' s protocols or how we carry out the entire preparation and packaging process, don't hesitate to contact us! We'll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Help with merchandise and sales control

Hiring the services of a prep centre will help you to have greater control over the products you sell, as we list all the goods that we pack and ship from the prep centre itself. This makes it much easier for you to keep an inventory and to know the stock of products.

Greater freedom

This is the most important reason to consider when outsourcing a task. By outsourcing the responsibility of preparing, packing and shipping products to an external company, we eliminate the stress of having to do it ourselves. The stress associated with preparing and shipping inventory from home, coupled with the amount of time involved and the uncertainty of not knowing if Amazon's protocols are being followed correctly, can make this task a tedious one.

Using a preparation centre will give you the freedom to work on more profitable tasks. You will also have the facility to use that time and space in your home as you wish.