Online arbitrage, also known by its acronym OA or online arbitrage, refers to the activity carried out by individuals, freelancers and companies to buy any type of product (clothes, accessories, shoes, toys, decorative objects, records, books, etc.) from online shops with the aim of subsequently reselling them, earning a higher percentage of money and thus making a profit on Amazon. This activity is completely legal and does not require any special licence to do so.

It is possible to carry out online arbitrage on a multitude of websites and platforms. One of them is Amazon, a company that has the facility to use the FBA (fulfilled by Amazon) service, which facilitates the execution of this activity for all those who wish to implement it.

The fulfilled by Amazon service means that sellers have the possibility to send all the merchandise to Amazon's logistics warehouses and, when a customer buys one of the products, they take care of selling it. So, you send all your merchandise to Amazon's warehouses and, when a sale of one of your products is generated, they prepare all the logistics of delivering the product to your customers.

As mentioned in the previous paragraphs, this activity is completely legal. However, it is important to note that it is not allowed to make a copy of the product and advertise it as if it were the original. Such practices are punishable as piracy. Furthermore, the following should be taken into account: it is true that some major brands are prohibited from selling their products to others for reasons such as exclusivity contracts signed with certain distributors.

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