Packaging centre amazon Spain

In our prep centre we also offer a packaging service. That is to say, we carry out, in addition to the correct preparation of the goods that arrive from our customers, their packaging, complying with Amazon's strict regulations.

Packaging in the logistics and parcels sector is all the activity necessary in the process of conditioning the goods to protect them correctly before shipment. The packaging activity also includes the task of grouping the products so that their subsequent handling, transport and storage are optimal.

Thanks to all this work we do, we ensure that the quality of the cargo is preserved and that it is kept safe throughout its journey. This is the way it should be from the time it leaves one warehouse until it reaches another or its end user.

In the packaging process carried out for all products, the packaging plays the role of protecting the product from any risk it may face. Some of these potential problems can be climatic, such as rain, excessive heat, humidity, cold, etc. Other risks are technical or mechanical, such as collisions or vibrations that may occur in the transport process. Finally, the packaging also protects the products from the risk they suffer during storage and handling, where they can spend a long time and suffer falls, rubbing, stacking...

The most important functions of product packaging include:

  • Protection of the products to be transported during transport and storage of the package.
  • Identification of the goods. Packaging facilitates the visualisation of information about the product's characteristics, as well as the correct way to handle it. In this way, we considerably reduce its deterioration or even its loss.
  • Packaging also facilitates cargo handling: the correct counting, distribution and transport of packages.

As far as the structure of packaging is concerned, there are three different levels: primary, secondary and tertiary. Primary packaging is the packaging that is in direct contact with the goods. Secondary packaging is that which contains one or more primary packaging. Finally, tertiary packaging is that which groups the previous packaging into a single package that protects the product during the entire distribution process.

In our preparation centre, we have a team of highly qualified professionals to carry out the packaging tasks perfectly and always taking into account all the procedures and considerations ordered by Amazon's logistics departments.