If you are a large company, or you have an online store, and you handle large quantities of products, it is important to have a company that can take care of the storage of these products and their subsequent preparation. Below we explain the advantages for you.

Storage of large quantities in a Prep Center FBA

This service optimizes logistics, considerably reducing your costs. It has been very popular among Amazon sellers, both in the United States and in Spain, for years.

That is why it has been successfully extended to all marketplaces (Aliexpress, eBay,...), i.e. because we significantly reduce the costs associated with FBA and FBM.

The function we perform is to prepare, package and label the products to be sold, according to the indications of the corresponding marketplace. We take great care in complying with the strictest standards in this regard.


The main advantages are as follows:

  • Time savings. In less than 24 hours, the products are labeled and prepared, regardless of their type. The speed of the work, carried out by our highly qualified personnel, is always guaranteed.
  • Cost savings compared to Amazon. A reduction of at least 25 % is estimated, to which should be added free stockage offers for a few days.
  • Better conditions and added services such as quality inspection or shipment customization, as well as the creation of packs on request.
  • It applies to all vendors (wholesalers, private label, retail arbitrage) thanks to a highly efficient automated process.
  • Secure facilities. The storage areas have security measures that guarantee the protection of the merchandise deposited there.

PREP Functions

What can we do in a Prep Center? We answer this question by listing its tasks:

  • We correctly prepare the merchandise of companies dedicated to Wholesale or that make Private Label.
  • We remove labels for "Online or Retail Arbitrage" customers.
  • We offer our warehouses to those e-commerce & FBM customers who lack storage space or who store their merchandise in their homes. We also ship their products for them when they have a sale.
  • Intermediation for companies importing large quantities of goods on pallets and containers. This greatly facilitates imports from distant countries, especially when they are of enormous dimensions.

Secure warehousing for imports

Having a preparation center means having access to secure warehousing for the goods and also having access to the advantages listed above, especially a reduction in logistics costs.

It is a great convenience for our customers that we take care of the storage and shipping to the final consumers, in a very professional and efficient way. Our good work results in a very satisfactory shopping experience for the person placing the order.

At FBA BeeBox Prep Center we offer preparation and storage of large quantities. Ask for an estimate without obligation.


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